New Velcro SUP Dog Step connection – Easy on and off

Check out our new Velcro SUP connection for 2018 ! Dogyak SUP Dog Step. Paddleboard dog step. (Easy on and off for any model SUP – ¬†stand up paddleboard with your dog)                   See our products page for more information.      

Happy 2018 Paddling Season

Welcome to the 2018 line of Kayak and SUP steps and accessories for your dog or puppy. See our products page for “NEW” ¬†Velcrow SUP step connection. (Easy on and Off)

DogYak SUP Step Training – Stand Up Paddleboard Step

Paddle Boarders – In this video, please note that the canine needs to board the craft at the standard 45 degree angle from the rear of the craft similar to our kayak products.

Orpheus – First day on the water

Father’s Day – Nikki & John brought Jethrow and Orpheus down to Long Pine Reservoir for an afternoon on the water. Orpheus did very well considering we thought he was afraid of the water.